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Tuesday, 8 October 2019

#MonthlyTravelTadka: October 2019 Edition

How many of you come across interesting things when you travel this globe which adds additional flavor to your travel? Be it the local tour guides, or the people who habitat these places, each trip will always have some juicy gossip about the place, the people who lived there or about the culture.

D and I love travelling and collecting such interesting stories and will be sharing such snippets, as and when we come upon them.

October Travel Tadka

  1. Hwange, the largest  National Park of Zimbabwe's largest is half the size of Belgium, accounting for an area of approximately 14,000 km².

South Africa:

  1. Lifespan of slaves when slavery was in full force was 7 - 9 years
  2. In the mid 1900's, the court used to perform the infamous "pencil test" to determine how much African heritage you have thereby determining your purity or impurity of race. If the pencil got stuck in the hair of the person, they were declared African and deemed of lower race. Many of the erstwhile "white women" and "African men" got reclassified into white and black because of it.

Costa Rica:

  1. Covering only 0.0013% of earth's surface, Costa Rica accounts for 7% of world's biodiversity
  2. Volcanic eruptions are of two types - it's not what is commonly propagated by mainstream cinema - molten lava sprouting from the peak and engulfing entire towns. In most of the cases its ash and rocks which is considered far more damaging and dangerous. A realistic depiction is referred in the movie "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty."

Stay tuned for the November edition.

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