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Champion of the Boring, a bundle of contradictions, wants to touch the sky while wishing for roots, always planning for the next vacation but enjoys the coffee in her home's couch the most, chatterbox who loves her moments of solitude, dependable but known to make spur of the moment decisions, would like to know your favorite smell rather than the make of your car, partial towards good food and Starbucks, searches for words that connects and music that makes her laugh, cry or dance, aspires to be found in the wilderness during weekends but gives into her shortcomings and ends up binge watching something like Sacred Games or Harry Potter, skeptic but secretly believes in the power of magic, spends 1/24th of her day thinking of weird things such as "Can you smell in your dreams especially if you are dreaming about food or rain?"

A newbie blogger, what I lack in creativity, I make up for it by sharing all the unique moments that I capture in this great stage called life - either behind the camera or on a page.

In short, I am a PROUD AVERAGE woman - I OWN the word "BORING" and make high performers like you look good 😜

Email: ani [at] anicca [dot] in

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