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Thursday 30 June 2022

#RestaurantReview :: Veneto Kitchen & Bar #Food #FoodBlog

Piu & I were in the same city together after a long time. So, we decided to catch up over some food & drinks!

Note: This is not a sponsored post. We paid for our own food & drinks there. This post is not influenced in anyway.

Piu & I met up late afternoon at South City Mall with nothing specific on the agenda, but to catch up on the latest in each other's life. We spent some time at the food court with coffee and then went on a window shopping spree. All the walking around made us a bit hungry and we decided to walk into Veneto Kitchen & Bar.

The restaurant has beautiful decor and feels very inviting immediately. That's what attracted us to the restaurant in the first place. The seating arrangement did feel a bit close, but the music playing in the background does give some semblance of privacy to the diners. 

Italian Smooch                                                         White Wine Sangria

Since, it was after the usual lunch time and before the expected dinner rush, we were seated immediately and menus were handed to us. We decided to start with drinks. I ordered an 'Italian Smooch' mocktail while Piu ordered a 'White wine Sangria'

As we decided on our food, the staff were really helpful in helping us decide. We both were interested in trying 'Patate Al Forno Due Volte' but the dish comes with pesto sauce and I am not particularly fond of pesto. The staff member suggested that we get the pesto separately, that way I can have the dish without pesto and Piu can have with it.

Patate Al Forno Due Volte (as in the pic above) is - twice baked potatoes stuffed with ratatouille parmesan cheese and pesto sauce. 

I like it even though without the sauce, the dish tasted a bit dry. So, I cannot really fault it. Other than the dryness, the dish was perfectly spiced and tasty.

The winning dish for us was - Vino Bianco.
Vino Bianco is chicken marinated in white wine, cooked with fresh morrel with chilli and garlic, served with garlic bread. Both Pui & I love garlic in our food, and it can never be too much for us. But this dish was perfection. Especially the chicken - it was exactly done and was quite juicy. It was a total delight.

For us though the best aspect of the whole experience was the staff who were friendly, helpful and always around without making us feel crowded. We sat there, enjoyed chit-chatting and enjoyed our food without feeling rushed and well care for.

I would totally recommend this place for a nice meal and a pleasant time.

Veneto Kitchen & Bar
South City Mall, Prince Anwar Shah Road, Kolkata
Timings: 12noon – 11:30pm

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